Covid-19 Help Still Available from Government

Here is the link to what is currently available:

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Clients with Trusts and all Trustees

A reminder that the long awaited “The Trusts Act 2019” comes into effect from 30 January 2021.

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Creating a budget for the new year


Businesses should review their yearly financials and aim to create a budget which reflects any adjustments that need to be made.


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Christmas Gifts for your Team


Employers may want to reward their employees with gifts during the holiday season but may be concerned about whether fringe benefit tax (FBT) applies.


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COVID -19 Relief Summary


The New Zealand government’s response to COVID-19 has been commended by leaders and citizens across the world.


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End of Year Checklist and Budgeting for 2021


At the end of the year, it is important for businesses to set time aside to reflect and ensure a strong finish and a fresh start.


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