The Apprenticeship Boost

If you are in a business where apprenticeships form a large part of your industry’s talent but have not been in a financial position to take one on yourself, the Apprenticeship Boost may be of interest to you.

The Apprenticeship Boost is a payment to help employers keep and take on new apprentices. This is to enable apprentices to continue earning and training towards their qualifications while giving employers an incentive to continue to develop the future workforce of the industry.


If you are an employer with apprentices, you can receive the Apprenticeship Boost if your apprentices are enrolled in and engaged in an apprenticeship programme approved and funded by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). The apprenticeship programme is either a New Zealand Apprenticeship or a Managed Apprenticeship, and are provided by 

  • a Transitional Industry Training Organisation (ITO), or
  • Te Pūkenga - New Zealand Institute of Skills Technology or one of its subsidiaries, or
  • a Wānanga, or
  • a registered Private Training Establishment.


In order to be eligible for the boost, an apprentice must not have completed more than 24 months of their apprenticeship and not had their enrolment withdrawn or put on hold. 

The boost can be paid for an apprentice who is employed by you, or self-employed if contracted by you. You will need to apply for your apprentice and have a current training agreement between yourself, your apprentice and your TEC approved Transitional ITO or provider. 

The Apprenticeship Boost is available for a maximum of 24 months per apprentice, paid monthly in advance. The payment rate for the boost will depend on the year that your apprentice is currently in, as first-year apprentices can receive $1,000 per month, while second-year apprentices may receive $500 per month (minus GST for both payments). If you are GST registered, you will be paid the amount plus GST and must pay your apprentice at least the minimum, starting out or training wage.


You will not be able to receive the boost if you are: 

  • A state sector employer
  • Already receiving another wage subsidy from the government for the apprentice (including Flexi-Wage, Mana in Mahi or Māori Trades and Training Fund)
  • Already receiving a payment from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment for this apprentice, or a Regional Apprenticeships Initiative


The Apprenticeship will be available until 4 August 2022, with applications accepted up to that date. Payments will not be available after the initiative closes. You can find out more about the boost by visiting the Government Work And Income website.


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