Boost Your Mental Health With a Mental Break

Productivity has a direct link to how  rested our minds are. A mind that is in  turmoil, stressed or anxious can impact  how we conduct our work, or even if it’s  being overworked in a general sense.  Your brain requires downtime too. It is  essential to consider how the brain, like  a body performing manual labour, can  take a mental break from work. These brief  timeouts can help the brain reinforce long term learning and productivity, allowing  you to learn more and access that  learning faster. 
The best way to approach a mental break,  rather than forcing motivation to occur with  mind-consuming tasks, is to do something  mindless.  
Here are our top five tips for giving yourself  a mental break: 
  1. Perform a slow-down activity and allow  yourself to enter a state of forced  relaxation. Try taking a long shower or Staring out the window for some time. 

  2. Encourage your body’s dopamine  production with a game that doesn’t  need you to keep score - a simple  puzzle game can reward without extra  labour. 

  3. Cook a big meal to encourage a  wandering mind with a simple recipe  that requires slow preparation.  

  4. Take a walk, and enjoy nature’s scenery  for an hour or so. Being in nature has  been linked to a number of physical  and mental benefits.  

  5. Take a short nap if your sleeping  pattern has been impacted, or close  your eyes and breathe deeply for a  while.  

Above all, ensure that you take the time  to think about how these mental breaks  can best work for you. It might be that  something entirely different works better.  Experiment and find out what suits you best.

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