Discuss worker mistakes to avoid more mistakes

Mistakes by employees are bad for both them and the employer. 

The more often the employee makes them and gets reprimanded, the less secure the person feels and the more mistakes they make.
The solution is to discuss the problem. If the staff member has the right attitude then you can do something about it. Also look at what might be causing mistakes, such as:
  1. Distractions – too many interruptions.
  2. Failing to follow your firm’s systems. The systems need to be written down so they can be referred to (see also number 4).
  3. Failing to check work or checking it the wrong way. When checking your work, start with the completed work and go back to the source. If you check from the source to the completed job you risk seeing the figures the same way as you did first time and making the same mistake. Checking should always be done in a different way from the original processing. For example some people prepare their GST returns by highlighting the GST inclusive figures on their bank statements and adding these up. They usually work from the first bank statement downwards. To check the work, they should add the transactions on the bank statements starting with the last bank statement and work back upwards. Common sense is also important when checking. Does it look right?
  4. Not being systematic. Checklists are invaluable. Perhaps you should get the employee to develop a checklist with your help. Whenever the employee is involved, they have more ownership of the end product. 
  5. Getting tired – the employee may not be taking sufficient breaks or holidays.

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