Enhance your email marketing

Emails are now the No 1 form of business communication, so one of your most effective marketing tools.

Dull emails can put people off and get no response, especially if you’re emailing to pitch for business. 
There are now several email enhancers that can make a huge difference to how your email looks – on all devices – and the response rate. Picking one as an example, Black Pearl Mail (blackpearlmail.com) offers enhancement such as a banner message in your email, professional-looking signatures and useful insights.
There’s no coding required for signatures, which can be updated easily and managed remotely. Black Pearl claims its banners are 10 times more effective than Google ads, increasing sales and revenue, and boosting brand awareness. They even provide services to help create a banner.
The email performance insights look interesting, as they tell you who’s reading your emails, clicking on to your website, or just ignoring you. You get a dashboard providing real-time notifications, email delivery status and click-through analytics.
There’s a cost, of course, but worth considering. This is especially so if you’re looking at a digital marketing campaign to promote new products or services, seek customer feedback, or even support a charity or sponsored event.

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