Get meeting notes as they happen


The use of Zoom and other online meeting platforms during the Covid-19 lockdown has spawned many innovations as companies scramble to change their work practices.


One clever innovation involves enhanced meeting notes. 


In “the old days”, notes were taken by a secretary, transcribed and delivered to participants when someone decided what should and should not be in them. Now it’s possible to have a meeting in which everyone gets notes of the conversation as it happens.


One of these note-taking programs is Otter.AI, which has recently signed a deal with Zoom to put the notes into a web browser for everyone in the meeting. The transcript can be copied at the end. 


Meeting collaborators, such as teacher assistants or secretaries, who are logged into Otter can even highlight, comment, and add photos to create meeting notes that everyone can review and share.


The program is timely given many people are working from home. Many meetings, events, and classes have gone virtual, but remote workers and students struggle to listen and pay attention while having to take their own notes. 


Businesses, schools and others can now capture information accurately and make them accessible instantly.

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