Not much charity for Healthy Homes measures


If you are a landlord or landlady and have to take measures to comply with “Healthy Homes”, there’s not much charity. 


Inland Revenue has issued a publication, PUB00334, which sets out how it sees the tax law applying. It is much as you would expect. 


However, you should remember anything you buy during the current tax year can be treated as a business expense up to an amount of $5000. So if you are required to put in a heat pump and it costs you $3000, you can treat this as an expense for this particular year. 


Remember, if you buy more than one depreciable item at a time, each item having the same depreciation rate, you have to add all these together for the purposes of the threshold. So, if you buy two heat pumps each costing $3000, you now have to put these in your depreciation schedule. You can’t write them off as an expense. 

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