The password work-around


Yes, you can manage secure passwords without having to write them down, or remember them. It seems every transaction or subscription online requires a password, and everyone says you should never use the same one all the time. 


Fortunately, many solutions are available. One is to use a password manager, such as 1 Password ( There are several password managers online, so it’s worth checking to see what suits you best, and what you’re prepared to pay. There’s usually a small annual fee. Free ones might not be as secure as you need.


With these managers, you use just one password and the app will provide a secure password for whatever it is you want to do.


If you run a Mac operating system, the Safari web browser also has a useful password manager. When you go to a site requiring a password, it will do it for you and remember it for next time. If you already have your own password, just click on ‘Forgot password’ and let Safari find you a new, secure password. Just remember it will only work using the Safari browser.


Microsoft is rumoured to have developed a password manager for Windows. Watch out for it later this year.

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