WFH is the new work environment


If there’s one thing the Covid-19 crisis has taught us, it’s that many of us can work from home.


It’s even spawned a new initialism, WFH (working from home).


There have been some interesting consequences – and new opportunities have arisen. City cafes and bars have suffered because there are fewer people in town getting a coffee, lunch and after-work drinks. However, that’s provided more business for the suburban and small town eateries, who seem to be doing very well post-lockdown.


Whatever your business, there might be big opportunities for you, too. In the new “think-laterally” world, how can you market yourself to make the most of the changing environment?


Where do people work when they’re at home? 


As a painter you might market your ability to redecorate a spare room. An electrician can put all the new power points in the right places, or get the lighting right for a WFH office.


An IT wiz can set up all the gear to work remotely. A builder might add the extra room needed.


Even real estate agents will soon be adding ‘office space’ as a marketing option for houses, rather than saying ‘studio’ or ‘spare room’.


Think about what you can offer to ride the new wave of working from home.

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