Check on ACC

Always check ACC invoices. Sometimes they record your occupation incorrectly. 
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June 28

Last day to apply for annual FBT returns for those who qualify


July 29

3rd instalment 2019
Provisional Tax  (June balance date)


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Don’t make customers hit the red button

Chris said he was pleased with the attention at his doctors’ surgery. Soon after he was asked to complete a survey, which was to take only 10 or 15 minutes. 
“I felt I owed it to my carers to respond and started answering questions. They wanted my age, my ethnicity and a string of other barely relevant details before getting down to the meat of the issue. After 10 of these questions, I gave up.”
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DIY’ers risk losing out on tax credits

Do-it-yourselfers need to be very careful when it comes to tax. 
It’s particularly dangerous to change the shareholding of a company. You could lose the tax (imputation) credits the company has built up for distributing with company dividends unless you know how to do the job correctly. 
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Put transactions through one business account

To minimise the risk of error, put all your business transactions, which should include expenses paid out of your own pocket, through one business bank account. 
In this way, you will avoid confusion over whether GST has been claimed, and minimse the risk of errors arising from misunderstandings. 
How to do this?
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Help your accountant, and yourself

Here are some of the problems we strike when preparing your annual accounts and what you can do to help us: 
  • Avoid supplying too much information – our questionnaire will list what we need. Too much information means we have to wade through it, in case there is something you intend us to see.
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Get it right and save money when winding up

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Newsletters get customers

Use newsletters to get more customers.
A client once said he didn’t want to send out newsletters because he didn’t want to appear to be too pushy.
If you are constantly sending people material to promote your business, they will naturally get fed up with you. They will press the unsubscribe button pretty quickly. 
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