Employee Issues

Taxing cashed-up annual holidays 

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Industry Benchmarks

Industry benchmarks are a useful tool to help assess and improve a taxpayer’s business performance by comparing his business with others in the same industry. Because of the enormous data Inland Revenue receives, it put together these industry benchmarks a couple of years ago and now regularly updates them.

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Do you rent your holiday home?

IF YOU rent your holiday home, you need to start keeping records now (in addition to income and expenditure) of the following:

  • Who uses the home each day of the year?
  • Their relationship to you.
  • Rent charged to each person.
  • Details of any repairs, including the reason for the repairs.
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TECH Update

SEVERAL new apps for smartphones and other mobile devices are out there to make your business life easier.

Some are downright silly and a waste of time, but some are useful. One worth looking at is an app to convert business cards. You know what it’s like – a drawer full of business cards which get pulled out when you suddenly need a phone number or email address.

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Aim for triple-A in your business

The business formula for success can be summarised in three words, in the following order: 

Available  •  Affable  •  Able

How many large businesses and those aspiring to be large do you know which have forgotten the three As? Many of them have just one A: Arrogant.

Small businesses can’t afford to be arrogant, though a few of them think they can.


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The roofer impresses with after-sales service

I was out getting my morning exercise when I met a fellow exerciser. 

We stopped for a chat and she told me she had recently had part of her roof replaced. She was very impressed with the roofer. 

Why? Six weeks after he had done the job he called at her house to ask her if the roof was OK. This small after-sales service can have a big effect on a customer, as it did in this case. The woman was incredibly impressed and is telling others.

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Five steps to ‘engaging’ website visitors

ON 28 October 2012, Monte Hubesch published a “5 step video process to ‘engage’ website visitors”.  

If you’re considering updating your website, have a look here.

If this doesn’t work just Google “monte hubesch on website design” as we did. 

Why should you watch this Youtube presentation? 

Firstly, because Monte points out the importance of having a Youtube presentation on your home page.

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A Man’s Salary is From Mars, a Woman’s Salary is From Venus

A large professional services firm in the United Kingdom conducted a survey in 2012 of 4,219 people over the age of 18 to examine their views about the world of work for women and the prospects for women entering the workplace in the future.


The results highlighted some interesting and contrasting views between the men (49%) and women (51%) that responded. Some noteworthy findings were:

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