The roofer impresses with after-sales service

I was out getting my morning exercise when I met a fellow exerciser. 

We stopped for a chat and she told me she had recently had part of her roof replaced. She was very impressed with the roofer. 

Why? Six weeks after he had done the job he called at her house to ask her if the roof was OK. This small after-sales service can have a big effect on a customer, as it did in this case. The woman was incredibly impressed and is telling others.

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Five steps to ‘engaging’ website visitors

ON 28 October 2012, Monte Hubesch published a “5 step video process to ‘engage’ website visitors”.  

If you’re considering updating your website, have a look here.

If this doesn’t work just Google “monte hubesch on website design” as we did. 

Why should you watch this Youtube presentation? 

Firstly, because Monte points out the importance of having a Youtube presentation on your home page.

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A Man’s Salary is From Mars, a Woman’s Salary is From Venus

A large professional services firm in the United Kingdom conducted a survey in 2012 of 4,219 people over the age of 18 to examine their views about the world of work for women and the prospects for women entering the workplace in the future.


The results highlighted some interesting and contrasting views between the men (49%) and women (51%) that responded. Some noteworthy findings were:

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Because New Zealand’s tax regime is comprised of various taxes imposed for a variety of reasons it can be a costly and time consuming exercise for a taxpayer to meet their tax obligations. The IRD produces a large number of tax forms, guides and other publications to help taxpayers meet those obligations. But what happens if the IRD makes a mistake...


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Draft legislation is in the process of being finalised that will change the level of detail required in an entity’s financial statements, depending on its size.


Currently, if a New Zealand company meets two or more of the following criteria, General Purpose Financial Reporting (GPFR) requirements must be met when financial statements are prepared:

  • annual turnover of more than $2 million
  • total assets of more than $1 million
  • have more than 5 employees


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The 2013 Budget continued the recent pattern of making small changes to New Zealand’s tax framework, which implies the Government is broadly happy with how it is operating. The changes that were announced are intended to strengthen the tax base and support the business environment. A brief overview of the proposed changes is provided below.


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The idea of retiring at a ripe old age free from financial pressures is a pleasant vision for many. As the benefits of saving for retirement are recognised globally, it is becoming more common for individuals to migrate to New Zealand with superannuation funds from their previous country of residence.


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Are you in quadrant 2?

STEPHEN COVEY was a management consultant famous for his book The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People. 
The book provided some interesting advice about prioritising work and included the diagram below:
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