Bright-line breach warning

The bright-line test came into force from October 2015, introducing rules that a profit derived on the sale of a residential property is subject to tax if sold within two years of purchase, albeit subject to some exceptions such as the family home. These rules have recently been revised to extend the bright-line period from two years to five.
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What Is Landlord Insurance?

There are a multitude of rental house insurance policies available on the NZ market, with many insurers providing multiple variations of cover, hence the following can only provide a helicopter view of the general categories of cover and concepts.
Traditional cover (or standard cover) with tenancy occupation extension
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Advantages and disadvantages of cloud accounting

There is a growing trend for businesses today, whatever their size, to move to the “cloud”. The cloud is an online platform to make data and software accessible, anytime, anywhere and from any device. Gone are the days of being chained to your desk in a small cubicle. Now, with your data in the cloud, you can be fully flexible and enhance collaboration both within your business and with others. When an accounting system is cloud based, all transactions and entries are processed immediately.
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Loss offsets and subventions

The loss offset (and subvention payment) mechanism allows a ‘profit’ company to reduce its taxable income by utilising the tax losses of a ‘loss company’. The mechanism is a great tool that is commonly used.

Before a loss offset can be made, the following key requirements must be satisfied:

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Mixed use assets

When an asset, such as a bach or a boat, is used both privately and to generate income, prescriptive rules exist within the Income Tax Act that determine the extent to which a tax deduction is available. 
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Mini-budget – families package

The Labour coalition made immediate changes when they were elected into government, starting with repealing National’s planned tax bracket changes. Labours new ‘mini-budget’ is intended to benefit low-income earners, middle-income families with children and lift children out of poverty.

The package entails:

  • Increasing the Family tax credit by between $575 to $1,400 per year.

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Internet of things

You may have heard the term ‘internet of things’ (IoT) bandied about recently, but what exactly is it? 
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Marketing is an ongoing process

Now is an excellent time to prepare your plans for the coming financial year. Your marketing plan should usually be your first consideration.
  • Can you sell more to your existing customers? Maybe all you have to do is a little staff training. Everyone should ask the classic upselling question: “Will you have fries with that?”
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