Cryptocurrency and tax

Over the last decade, the use of digital or virtual currencies, known as “cryptocurrencies”, has grown dramatically in popularity. A single piece of Bitcoin is currently valued at over $9,000 NZD.
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Dividend stripping

Business structures tend to evolve gradually over time, and many successful commercial operations grow by adding additional companies or trusts on an ad hoc basis, until the resulting structure becomes somewhat unwieldy.
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Health in the workplace

How often have you found yourself vowing to improve your health or fitness?
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Landlord's Insurance with Pro Sure

We partner with Pro Sure who are reliable for organising Landlord Insurance. 

See the image for a brief description, and visit their website for more information.

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Set for when you go

In our summer newsletter last year we suggested clients think about how loved ones could access your personal bank and social media accounts when you die.

While Facebook is under fire at present, it has to be congratulated for making it easy for a nominated person to operate your account or close it when needed. Under its Settings > Personal Information > Manage account is something called Legacy contact.

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Keep Facebook at bay

The recent scandal revealing Facebook information has been shared without the knowledge of users, has highlighted the need to review data privacy.

It’s been revealed that third parties have had access to information about almost everything we do in our everyday lives. Most of us have allowed it to happen because we haven’t changed the default settings in Facebook.

So here’s some advice that will keep most of your information private to you only.*

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ACC CoverPlus Extra

There are some very real advantages of using CoverPlus Extra instead of the ordinary ACC cover. One of the main ones is that you can insure for a specified amount so if you have a claim, it will not depend on the actual performance of your business. The premiums for CoverPlus Extra are higher than for ordinary cover. If you are using CoverPlus Extra, be careful. If you fail to pay your premium on time your policy will automatically cancel and revert to the ordinary cover. Also, your cover won’t start until ACC has received your signed policy acceptance form.

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The Bitcoin basics

The way Bitcoin works seems difficult to understand for anyone but a computer geek or financial wizard. However, it could determine the future of banking and it’s receiving plenty of attention from central banks.

This article explains the basics. If you want to know more detail, the internet has plenty of websites dedicated to crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. However, look for the reputable sites, not just the ones who want you to invest.

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