Property transfers


For the IRD to get a complete picture of property transfers, a supplementary order paper has been prepared requiring IRD numbers from all buyers and sellers of property, including when they are selling their own home. This will help IRD to trace those who make a habit of doing up houses and moving on, claiming the gains they make are free of tax.

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Changing the direction of your business?

Businesses need to be careful about changing direction. 
Some time ago a very popular Wellington café withdrew most of its savoury food from its menu. It’s now closed.
If you want to change the direction of your business, do your homework. 
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Monitoring the jobs

XYZ Limited prepared a costing after every job was completed.
In theory, the manager was able to observe the differences between the quoted prices and the amount the company was able to invoice. However, a stack of these costings sat in the manager’s office a metre high.
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Save for later with easy screenshots

You’ve got something on your screen and you want to share it or save it for later. So grab a screenshot.
Screenshots are images that show the contents of a computer display. They let you capture exactly what you’re seeing on your screen. This can be very helpful when, for example, you’re filling in an online form which will disappear as soon as you ‘submit’. A screenshot will let you check later what you submitted and when.
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Banks are losing out

It’s almost certain one of the major banks is missing out on large amounts of investment money. 
John is the manager of a family trust. He mentioned to his daughter the difficulty of getting through to the investment section of X bank. 
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Stand out by doing things differently

We keep stressing in our newsletters the importance of being different from your competitors. 
A barber runs an appointment system. Customers can go on to her website and book their times to suit themselves. Many people work from home these days and time is precious. She allows 20 minutes to do an excellent job and charges a little above the market rate. 
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Credit card payments that keep on taking

A number of organisations selling online get you to put in your credit card details for payments and then bill you when your subscription expires. 
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