What time is it for your business?

Business Startup

How do I get started in business? What structure should I use? Should I have a trust? What can I claim? What are my risks?

First Year

How can I pay less tax? Who can be my trusted business advisor? How can I get my bank to help me? How’s my business performing? What are my risks?

First 5 Years

Am I paying too much tax? IRD audit – am I frightened? Are my monthly results accurate? How do I make more profit? Is my accountant giving me value for money?

Well Settled

How do I make more profit? Could I benefit from having a CFO on tap? Are my business risks fully covered? Could a new accountant boost me to higher level?

Time To Exit

How do I prepare to sell my business & provide for my retirement? Have I got an exit strategy? Will I be secure in retirement?

Selling Up

How do I maximise my business value on sale? Who can help me sell my business for the best value?