Discuss worker mistakes to avoid more mistakes

Mistakes by employees are bad for both them and the employer. 

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Staff sacking requires cool head

Be very careful when sacking staff.  

Many employers lose their cases because they fail to follow “due process”. If you're fed up with one of your staff, don’t blow your stack. Get on the phone to your solicitor before you do anything. Remember, your reaction in the heat of the moment could amount to constructive dismissal. Follow your lawyer’s advice very carefully.


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Working with difficult people

A ‘difficult person’ might oppose ideas, be irritating, appear negative or simply not like other people. When it comes to communicating and working with a person who is particularly difficult, we often resort to one of three assumptions:

  • the person is ignorant
  • the person is stupid
  • the person is evil and simply trying to be infuriating


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